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Turtle Awareness

Did you know that all of the turtle species in Ontario are at risk? With spring just around the corner it will be important to keep an eye out for turtles as they leave their overwintering habitat in search of somewhere to lay their eggs. Road mortality is one of the main threats our turtle species face. A simple way to help is to stop your car for turtles crossing the road. Move the turtle 2m off to the side of the road and point them in the direction they were heading. Click the photo of the Blanding's Turtle above for a link to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Center and information on how to help injured turtles.

Return of the Migrants

The return of the warm weather also means the return of the migrant bird species that make Ontario home for the breeding season! If you are interested in becoming a better birder or even just learning to identify your backyard feeder visitors, there are many resources available to you. Check out ebird's website to see where birding hotspots are found near you! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website is a great resource to learn about the habitats, behaviours and songs of birds! Click the picture of the Bobolink above to learn about one of Ontario's at risk grassland birds.

What's that sound?

Have you ever noticed a weird sound ringing throughout the forest when you hike in the spring? Especially if you are in an area with small woodland ponds or wetlands? Well that sound is the song of your local toads and frogs gearing up for the breeding season! Click on the photo of the American Toad above to learn about the species and to hear the call of the male.

Restoration News!

Black Oak Woods Heritage Park

Black Oak Heritage Park is located in Windsor, ON and is described as having more rare species than any park in Canada. Following an extensive Management Plan prepared by Sage Earth, the City has decided to promote restoration efforts to improve the unique habitats and protect the rare species found within the park.

Click the picture of the Park to read a Windsor Star article that discusses this project in more detail, and to see what Dan Barcza, President of Sage Earth, has to say.